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About Me

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Hi visitor, my name is Seth and I am photographer and trainer based on beautiful city Vancouver of Canada. Besides my photography business, for years I was trying to start a blog and share my experience and knowledge with fellow photographers. I am planing to post tips as well as tutorials. If you are looking for something special which is not covered here, or you have any questions, please send me an email to and I will do my best to answer it as soon as I can.

Subjects I cover in this website:

Portrait Photography

Tips about how to arrange and schedule a portrait photo session, what to wear and other useful information.

Wedding Photography

Tips about how to choose a professional photographers, preparing yourself for wedding and session and best shots you can take.

Architectural Photography

Tips about how to shoot stunning real estate and architectural photos and how to processes them. Photos by HS Media

Glamour Photography

Introduction to glamour photography and best practices about glamour photo shoots.

Boudoir Photography

Learn how to establish a profitable boudoir photography business and how to help your clients get ready for a session. Photos by Boudoir Corner (Offering Professional Boudoir Photography in Toronto)

Headshot Photography

Explain the importance of headshot and how you have to sell this service to your clients as they all need professional headshots. Photos by Houmaan Photography (Offering Professional Photography Services in Toronto)