How To Find Professional Real Estate Photography Services


Many construction companies hire real estate photographers to take photos of their projects for marketing purposes. A homeowner may also hire these photographers to take memorable photos of their home, or to click a home which is to be put on the market for sale. In order to attract potential home buyers, it is important to post professional images of your home. So, you need to hire a qualified architectural photographer who can deliver great photos within your budget. Here are some of the factors to consider when hiring architectural photography services.

Photo credits

One of the best ways to find a good real estate photographer is to check architectural magazines, brochures and catalogs. Generally, the photographer who has taken the photos will be credited. Such photos reflect the skills and aesthetic taste of the photographer. Contact the magazine for more information about the photographer.

Online reviews

You can read customer reviews of photographers either on their own website or on various websites such as BBB, Yelp, etc. Those reviews will provide a deep insight into the work experience and expertise of the photographer. If the photographer does not have a good BBB rating, you’ll also be see the complaints against him. You will not want to hire an unreliable photographer who doesn’t honor schedules and deadlines.


Ask friends, family members and colleagues who have recently sought real estate photography services for recommendations. Real estate agents can also provide useful recommendations about these professionals. Getting referrals will allow you to know firsthand information about the organizational and creative strengths or weaknesses of your photographer.

Registration with photography associations

Visit the website of Association of Independent Architectural Photographers to find award-winning photographers. You may also visit the website of the International Association of Architectural Photographers or the American Society of Media Photographers for recommendations.


Generally, organizations hire different real estate photographers for various needs. If a photographer specializes in outdoor shooting, hiring him for indoor work would not be advisable. On the same note, some photographers have experience in shooting residential houses and so using them for commercial building photoshoots would not be appropriate. Therefore, it is important to identify your needs so that you can choose a photographer accordingly.


If the photos would be used for advertisement purposes in a property magazine, make sure that you hire a photographer with experience in taking magazine photos. Check some of his past work, and you will be able to know whether he is the right man for your photo-shoot. Choose a photographer who can compile an alluring real estate virtual tour.


Sometimes, the nature of your work may require the use of a more powerful camera or even a trolley to get the best photo. Therefore, you need to hire a photographer who has all the essential equipment and tools required to deliver the best photos.

Now you know how to choose a good architectural photographer. But remember that the quality of photography direct depends on the amount you are willing to pay. So don’t hire a photographer because he offers lower costs. Consider quality first.