Boudoir and Lingerie Photography may Actually be the New Black: Here is What to Wear


Boudoir Photography, from the word Boudoir (a lady’s private room; bedroom, dressing room or sitting room) is a field in photography that mainly aims at capturing the natural and somewhat corporeal/sensual nature of mostly women and infrequently couples and men. Boudoir photos are generally meant to act as souvenirs of the sensual mortal things “we” humans’ treasure. Photographers who specialize in Boudoir Photography are known as, and are universally referred to as Boudoir Photographers. Boudoir Photography is actually an art that a few photographers have grasped; it’s virtually more of talent that art.

Duties of Boudoir Photographers and why it’s important to hire them

boudoir-photo-at-the-beachPhotographers who take boudoir photos as mentioned earlier in this article poses this artistic power of capturing what other photographers cannot. This is not to say that other photographers cannot take boudoir photos; they can, and usually do but they usually lack the proficiency that is attained from experience. So, what do boudoir photographers do?

. They help their clients identify “cool exquisite” spots that can serve their purpose.

. Boudoir Photographer their clients to choose clothes for boudoir photo session and even advice them on how to wear them appropriately.

. They suggest creative poses to their clients.

. They capture the shots, print them and procure them to their client in formats agreeable to their clients.

Finally, they remain quiet and protect the privacy of their clients by never producing any copies of their clients without their consent.

There are people who know how to take boudoir photos of themselves without the aid of a photographer, well! That’s good and commendable of you. However, if you are interested in something that is professional, then you got no choice but to hire one.

Clothes for boudoir photo session

First and foremost, apart from clothes, poses, smiles and make up are also integral part of the entire boudoir process. It is therefore critical that critical that they be taken serious. Lighting and background choices are also to be made with utmost consideration.

To start with, a captivating bra and matching pair of panty is a must. The colours should be dictated by your liking and must be advised by your photographer. Though not for everyone, thigh-high stocking or fishnets also bring this alluring taste to the entire scene. Heels are also common and finally, if you chose to pick jewelleries, go with ones that are fancy.

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Lingerie Photography

Lingerie photography on the other hand is a term used to refer to boudoir photography exclusively involving shooting women in lingerie (women’s undergarment that are fashionable and alluring). Lingerie are fashioned from flexible, sheer, stretchy or decorative material materials such as nylon, Lycra, satin, polyester, lace, sheer fabric and silk. When choosing lingerie, it is recommended that you stick to the pieces that complement your body type.


Thanks to technology, this art of photography is now more interesting. There are photo editing tools that can be used to add glamour to the photos. In addition, the photos can be produced in a number of formats. As an emphasis, and a very serious note at that, only work with professional photographers to avoid complications and amateur looking photos.