How To Prepare For A Boudoir Photo Session


Boudoir photo is often a highly-stylized photo characterized by sexy and alluring photos. Women often choose this photography style as a personalized wedding, anniversary or holiday gift for their partners. As much as it is the responsibility of the photographer to deliver tasteful and provocative photos, the subject also plays an important role in the final outcome. Preparing for the photo shoot involves shopping for cute lingerie, experimenting with seductive makeup and trying new styles. If you are planning to go for a boudoir photo session, here are some tips on how to get started.


sexy-boudoir-photoWhile some women like artistic nudes, others prefer enticing their men by hiding their assets under a revealing lingerie. Purchase new panty and bra sets, single-piece lingerie, heels, garters, sexy stockings and tank tops. Add one of your guy’s favorite oversized button-up shirts, T-shirts or boxer shorts to your clothing list. Try on every clothing item before the photo session in your home. Ensure you like the style, fit, color and cut before it is captured on camera. Ask the boudoir photographer for clothing ideas for your body type and go through samples of past shoots for some ideas. Eventually, opt for sexy clothing items made of leather, satin, silk, velvet and lace.


boudoir-photo-whiteSome women opt to focus their session around a given theme. This can significantly influence your clothing options. If you are planning to create a pinup-style calendar, focus on holidays or seasons. For example, a sexy Mrs. Claus-style is ideal for December while panties surrounded by hearts are a great choice for February. Another common theme is being a busty librarian, naughty nurse, or a police officer with a baton.


Some boudoir photo studios offer professional makeup services. Schedule a consultation visit to talk about makeup application, preferences and allergies. While many makeup artists offer their own cosmetics, if you have any allergy, you may want to buy hypoallergenic cosmetics in colors recommended by your makeup artist before the session. Most boudoir photo sessions are characterized by heavy application of eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. If you want to spot the boudoir look yourself, opt for accentuated eyes and wet, pouty lips. (Read more: Boudoir and Lingerie Photography may Actually be the New Black: Here is What to Wear)

Hair Styling

girl-in-lingerieWhile messy bed-head hair may be sexy to your man, attention to hairstyling is important during a boudoir session. Whether you hire a stylist or groom yourself, plan for some quick style changes. You can start with a French updo or twist. Simply remove the clip to let your hair assume a natural, sexy and slightly disheveled appearance. You can carry a curling iron for quick touchups between breaks. Use little hairspray so that your hair flows naturally.

Avoid wearing anything restrictive or tight clothing the night before the shoot. Tight panties or snug bra straps will leave visible crimping marks on the skin. Wear a loose-fitting dress to the studio with loose undergarments. You will change at the studio. Before the session, drink plenty of water and avoid greasy foods to ensure clean skin. Finally, choose a professional boudoir photographer with a track record of delivering high quality services.