What You Need To Know About Corporate Headshots: From What to Wear To Retouching the Headshots


Headshot photography lays an emphasis on the subject’s face. This type of photography is suitable for promotional, casting or modeling purposes. Modeling Headshots, known as comp cards in modeling circles, are an ideal way of building portfolios especially when models want to use those portfolios for casting and branding purposes. In the corporate world, headshots are required for company websites, articles, brochures and social networks. Corporate photography is a formal concept where the output should be professional and purposeful. You are a corporate honcho, set to attend a company photo-shoot. How do you go about ensuring a seamless final product?

Tips on Obtaining the Best Corporate Headshot Photographs

  1. Deciding on the Choice of Outfit

  • Wear something you love, something that makes you feel at ease. Do not wear a new outfit to photo shoots. Most people do not feel comfortable in clothes the first time they wear them.
  • Avoid loud, screaming colors. They draw attention away from your face
  • Make sure that there are no wrinkles on your clothes and that they fit well
  • Choose subtle colors, for example, gray and light brown.
  • Dress as you would if you were meeting a business partner or a client. The corporate world is a professional setting.
  • Wear shoes that enhance your comfort. For women, make sure that your heels are not too steep, as it might create a problem with postures, as well as with comfort.
  • Men should pick their ties carefully, and they should avoid wildly contrasting colors.
  1. Retouching

  • The professional photographer (Read more: How To Choose a Good Professional Headshot Photographer) should adjust the unpolished image in several ways after the photography session ends. For example, the photographer should do the following:
  • Whitening of the subject’s teeth
  • Manipulation of angles, narrow angles put the focus on the face.
  • Straightening of stray strands of hair (applies mostly to women)
  • Removal of lines that show aging to attain a smooth façade
  • Adjustment of the position of the image on the frame
  1. Choosing a Photographer

  • A professional headshot photographer has an experience, a solid portfolio, and a formidable reputation. Ask around. Do your homework.
  • Choose a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. Relaxation brings out the real you.
  • Cheap is expensive. Quality professionals come at a price
  • Look at the variety. Look at the best corporate photographers around. Choose those with unique poses in their samples.
  • A good professional headshot photographer creates a natural environment that helps you, the subject, to relax.
  • Look at the extremes. Compare the best work of the photographer with his worst. A good professional is the sum of the work of his output.
  • A good photographer knows all the angles, sets up the appropriate lighting and gets rid of shadows


Clothes for a corporate headshot session need to highlight class and pedigree as the public considers corporate heads the faces of their organization. They are the benchmark upon which people will judge the company. Good headshot photographs pay particular attention to the eyes, as people consider them ‘the windows to a man’s soul’, hence the windows to the soul of the corporate outfit the ‘man’ represents. Facial shots should project confidence and power. Earnest facial shots from well worked out angles show honesty and appeal. The way, the subject appears on the photo, provides a basis upon which audiences view the entity he represents. Viewers want to connect with the company and feel that they can trust the people fronted as the heads of the companies they identify with and trust.