Clothes to Wear For a Family Portrait Session


While memories may be beautiful, a picture lasts longer, which is why people opt for family portrait sessions in order to remember the good times. The end results of portrait photography help them to take a walk down the memory lane afterwards when they stumble upon these photographs. A family portrait is a must for every household because such photographs are going to be hung on the walls of one’s house and cherished forever. While everybody would like to look attractive in the photographs, they aren’t really sure as to how they should go about it! Deciding on the clothes for a family portrait session is an extremely tough and confusing task. Moreover, it is a touchy subject too because most people do not like to be told about what to wear and what not to wear!

When it doubt always opt for coordinating colors for your family portrait because colors can help to instantly brighten up the picture and make it look better. Keep in mind that this isn’t about choosing colors that match perfectly but rather colors that complement one another. While bright colors are fine for the photo shoot, ensure that your family does not end up looking like a rainbow family! Hence, when wearing bright colors one should always opt for a solid color outfit instead of clothes with clashing patterns, logos, graphics or emblems printed on them because the latter can be distracting and gaudy.

When conducting a family photo shoot, always dress for the location and season. For instance, if you are visiting the beach then sandals and flip flops would be great instead of wearing stilettos or high heels! Also, it is important to dress for the season, therefore if it is summer then you shouldn’t put on boots, jackets, scarves and so on. People often tend to dress formally for their portrait photography, which is not really necessary. Comfortable clothing (Read more: What You Need To Know About Corporate Headshots: From What to Wear To Retouching the Headshots)

that are apt for the location and season are your best bet when you are up for portrait photography.

If you have hired a professional photographer then you might as well capitalize on the opportunity in order to get the best bang for your buck! In order to do this, you can take with you several sets of outfits so that there will be more variety in the album. Needless to say, it is necessary to ensure that the location has a changing room first. For the ladies in the family, keeping the makeup natural is the way to go. Not only does it make them look younger but it is also more comfortable to maintain during the long photo shoot. For outdoor photography, it is recommended to use lip gloss because it catches the light and gives off a flattering glossy shine to the lips.

Now, not everybody has the body of a supermodel, therefore it would be wise to wear clothing that flatters your body shape (Read more: Boudoir and Lingerie Photography may Actually be the New Black: Here is What to Wear).

For those who have less than perfect bodies, showing off untoned tummies, legs or arms is a huge no-no. To avoid distraction, the people in the photograph should wear muted or subdued tones as these draw attention to what matters the most in the photograph: the people themselves!