10 Must Have Wedding Photography Shots for the Bride, Groom and Guests


Are you currently planning a wedding? Or has he just proposed and you can’t stop thinking about how special you want your Big Day to be? Or suppose you are a wedding photographer and are wondering how to go about capturing the best shots? Regardless of the role being played, everyone has one thing in mind – have breathtaking shots that will leave everyone wowed.


Forget pleasing the guests or reciting the vows. The number one most important thing that the bride and the groom need is to hire a photographer who’s able to meet their standards and, capture memorable and timeless shots. Basically, the five most important things to look for in a wedding photographer include:

Affordability: S/he should offer services that are reasonably priced (neither too cheap nor too expensive) Experience: The photographer should have a portfolio of his/her work that will blow your wind away Equipment: High quality cameras, lighting materials, camera stands, lens and editing software are a must have Proximity: To ensure that the photographer arrives on time and captures every desired shot, s/he should be easy to reach Professionalism: A photographer’s wedding photography skills have to be top notch. S/he should also be well dressed, well spoken, friendly and courteous.


Once you have the perfect man/woman to handle your wedding photography, the next thing would be to present them with a list of must have wedding photography shots that you have set. Though it’s likely that you already have a list of your own, here’s a top 10 list of must have wedding shots that you should embrace:


  1. Wedding Gown on a Hanger:

This always gives the best introduction to any wedding photography.


  1. Wedding Accessories – Bands, Jewelry, Bouquets, Ties and Shoes:

Accessories are always beautiful to admire, and since they barely appear on wedding photos, it’s best to capture them separately.


  1. Bride and Bridesmaids & Groom and Groomsmen getting ready:

A wedding is a process, and how better to capture this process than to cover every bit of it? Special attention should however be given to the bride as she gets help doing her hair, make-up and getting dressed.


  1. Old Family Shot – Bride and Groom (separately) with Mom, Dad, Siblings and Friends:

Since a wedding is meant to celebrate a new union, how about taking the ‘last’ shots with your old family? Such a photo can be used to tell a story of where one came from.


  1. New Family Shot- Bride and Groom (separately) with In-laws:

The next perfect wedding photography shot to take would be of the bride and groom with their in-laws. It shows the unification of the two families.


  1. Generation Shot – Bride and Groom (separately) with Parents and Grandparents:

No shot is as beautiful as a generation shot as it shows the family’s lineage. If possible, you can get a young kid to join in.


  1. Bride with groomsmen & ring bearers and Groom with bridesmaid and flower girls:

Though this isn’t new, it has, and still remains timeless.


  1. Wedding Party doing fun stuff:

Next, have the entire wedding party join in for a few shots, probably doing some crazy but interesting stuff.


  1. Bouquet and Garter Toss:

No wedding photography can be termed as complete without these two. The photographer need to capture as both the groom and bride tosses the garter and bouquet, and the person who catches it.


  1. Couple’s Departure:

To crown the day, the photographer should take a shot of the couple leaving the reception on their way to their honeymoon. In one word, this shot is EPIC.


By including these 10 must have wedding photography shots during your big day; you can rest assured that no important detail about your wedding is going to be missed.