Best tips for finding your wedding photographer


During your wedding day most of the part will definitely be fleeting the flowers, the cake and others but photographs will always remain forever. You owe photographs to yourself including your grandchildren to do everything and ensure you make them fabulous. Check the following tips on how to get perfect wedding photographers and also how to work with them.

#1: Start your homework early

early-birdThey say “Early bird catches the worm”; just a year before your wedding day comes, begin your research by consulting recent couples you know for professional wedding photographer, browsing websites and blogs. Check some few galleries from every photographer to get some sense of their style and quality. But be sure that these are their best clips from multiple weddings. After going through several clips and you find some which seems to fit your taste then find the specific photographers of the clips and ask them for the full wedding clips.

#2: Compare packages

packagesFind out what is included in the standard package including any additional fees. Find how many hours of shooting are included. Most packages take 8 hours and cover everything from preparation to end of reception. It’s cheaper to pays for more coverage because overtime is always charged at higher rate.

#3: Think critically

thinkingAs you go through the photos, consider the important moments that you want to capture during your wedding. Did this photographer capture great shots (Read more: 10 Must Have Wedding Photography Shots for the Bride, Groom and Guests) you would like? Check keenly for thoughtful compositions and that people and images are in focus. Ensure people look tranquil and not surprised by the camera.

#4: Confirm your shooters

photo-shootersLarger studios usually have many professional wedding photographers, therefore depending on the contract the lead photographer may not be the one shooting your day. Since every professional has his/her unique personality, style and technique, then you need to ensure that the person you interview and agree is the same person who will be shooting your wedding. Furthermore, most top-notch pros include a second shooter in their packages, one will take formal photos while the other will capture the cocktail hours. You will also see two exclusive angles of the key moments, cake cutting and your first kiss as a married couple.

#5: Set a realistic schedule

scheduleRemember that during your wedding day, everything will take longer than planned. From getting your hair done to getting dressed; mishaps will probably occur, from terrible traffic, to misplaced vows. Make sure you have extra time to deal with them without cutting into your photo session.

#6: Setup a meeting

photographer-meetingYou can’t vet a photographer from the looks only. After having a shortlist of people you would like to work with and you have found to be within your price range, and then organize for a video-chat or in-person meeting. Find out whether they did wedding photography in their studies as a professional course. You should be comfortable with this person because they will be shadowing all your moves during your wedding day and relating with all your guests.

#7: Sign a contract

sign-photography-contractAfter choosing a photographer, ensure you sign a contract that comprises everything agreed from the hours of shooting to how you will get you final product.

#8: Schedule a Prewedding shoot

Once you hire your photographer, organize a Prewedding shoot that will kill many birds with one stone. This will be a great chance to get comfortable with your photographer. You will also be able to comment on the appearance of the photos identifying the best ones and advising on any improvements you may want in case there is any before your wedding day.

#9: Take first look photos

If you want to capture all your cocktail hour photos, schedule your photos to be done before the ceremony. This is because your hair and makeup will still be fresh for the photos.

#10: Enjoy your day

If you are always looking for the camera, it won’t capture you chatting with friends or your spouse quietly. It’s you photographer who should be worrying on how to capture those moments and not you. Just be cool and enjoy your wedding day.

Finally, note that the aforementioned tips are also read by wedding photographers because they would also want to know what customers are looking for. Therefore the above also qualifies to be tips for wedding photographers.